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Good Night,

Wiggly Toes

Written by Roda Ahmed and Leandra Rose

Illustrated by Fanny Liem

What do you do when it is time to go to bed, but you have toes that are too wiggly, feet that want to run, hips that want to shake, legs that want to jump, and a heart that wants to drum? Good night, Wiggly toes is a fun book that helps you to connect with your wiggle body and helps calm it down.


One breath a time.

Available in bookstores nationwide!
Amazon: Good Night, Wiggly Toes
Barnes & Noble: Good Night, Wiggly Toes
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DIESEL, A Bookstore: Good Night, Wiggly Toes
Children's Book World: Good Night, Wiggly Toes
Good Night, Wiggly Toes

Mae Among the Stars

Written by Roda Ahmed

Illustrated by Stasia Burrington

An enchanting, inspirational account of Jemison's early life that illustrates the importance of encouraging and supporting children's dreams.

Available in bookstores nationwide!
Amazon: Mae Among the Stars
Barnes & Noble: Mae Among the Stars
Target: Mae Among the Stars
DIESEL, A Bookstore: Mae Among the Stars
Children's Book World: Mae Among the Stars

The Latest from

Roda Ahmed

Full Circle.

Published 2008 by Gyldendal

Forberedelsen (The Preparation) went into the Norwegian bestseller list and made Roda Ahmed the first African girl to ever write a Norwegian fiction novel. The book became required reading in universities and schools. 

Not yet translated. 

- Anne Schäffer, Bergens Tidende

… et spennende glimt inn i livet til en norsk-somalisk familie … et tydelig litterært talent.
God debutroman om det å være ung jente i klemme mellom to kulturer.

- Ingrid Brekke, Aftenposten

Romanen er både fargerik og lærerik …

- Hannelore W. Langstrøm, Fædrelandsvennen

Author Visit

 If you are interested in having Roda visit your school or community, please fill out our contact form.

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